Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the conference?


Where is the conference?


How do I register?


Can I request an honorarium?

Requests are not guaranteed due to our limited budget, but our steering committee will consider them all.

Are you offering CEs this year and how much are they?

Yes. CE costs are included, just select your CE when registering.

General Conference Information:

Faculty disclosure:  By participating in this continuing education activity, instructors agree to provide a sufficient basis for the interpretation of program information by informing participants of limitations of the content being taught, including contradictory evidence and its source.

Americans with Disabilities Act:  It is the policy of CACTN not to discriminate against any person on the basis of disabilities. Call CACTN at 615-333-5832 (ext.306) for additional assistance.

Speaker Opinions: The speaker’s opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views or beliefs of the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Tennessee.

Workshop Etiquette: As a courtesy to speakers and colleagues, please mute your zoom window while not speaking as well as silence cell phones, pagers, and other sources of noise.

Grievance Policy:

If you have a grievance, issue or concern during or following the conference, please contact a CACTN staff member by email to

You may also provide this information by mail to:

Children’s Advocacy Centers of Tennessee

4711 Trousdale Drive

Suite 124

Nashville, TN  37220

We will promptly respond.




4711 Trousdale Dr., Ste 124 Nashville, TN 37220
P:615.333.5832 F:615.333.7140

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